* Available as a ‘LIVE’ Show or now as an online downloadable film here.

A man like no man, the internationally infamous ‘Vanguard of Vaudeville,’ award winning, festival favourite with the finest collection of classic comedy variety acts in the world! Following ten world tours and a hit from the Australian National Circus Festival to the Edinburgh Fringe witness absurdist facts and avant-garde acts like plastic bag juggling, interactive origami extravaganzas, microphone stand chin balancing and more. Fly to the future in the face of global catastrophes to find fun and freedom that is truly fantastic! ★★★★”- Times Colonist

“SEE IT. DON’T MISS IT! Australia’s Trent Baumann creates a unique, quirky world. It’s 21st century vaudeville with a Post Modern twist. Baumann is one of a kind and the show is what every performer in this particular genre aspires to. A huge reveal at the end will fill you with joy and laughter. I’d see it twice but would feel greedy depriving someone else of the great pleasure. Oh, what the heck, I’m going to see it again! ★★★★” -Vancouver Courier

“Situationist heart-throb Birdmann delivers chic subversion in a suit. Nonetheless, he is funny. This local performer is one of an admirable few who is willing the bloody demise of orthodox comedy. It’s invigorating to see such a messy triumph. ★★★★” – Helen Razer, The Age

The Birdmann ‘LIVE’ Trailer from Trent Baumann on Vimeo.

The Birdmann & Egg: BIRDHOUSE

Fly to the future in a live cartoon action comedy adventure from Australia and Japan! Everyone’s favourite heroic duo take on the greedy Regurgitator who is destroying our natural planet. Featuring a hip soundtrack, happening films, a horrifying sword box, and even a hilarious stuffed toy fight. Enjoy the show and discover that fun can save the world!

“Full-on crazy fun sure to appeal to the inner kid in everyone!”

“Successfully silly for an all-ages audience.” -Georgia Straight


Follow a day in the life of a man who decides to have the day of his life!
Featuring Baumann’s trademark one-line jokes and circus imagery
it’s like a massive motivational monologue that is uplifting and hilarious.
In a stylish cloud suit make way for a creative genius who makes a piano out of newspaper, balances a tower of milk crates on his head and climbs inside
a giant inflatable  balloon for the finale!
With an exquisite musical score by Japanese Composer Sachie this poetic visual comedy can be performed in a venue or a site specific setting and
is a totally engaging theatrical experience for all.

This is what a Fringe show should look like. Trent Baumann proves yet again why he is the
King of Fringe. This newest production from the legendary Fringe creator of the Birdmann is
incredibly enjoyable and engaging.”

Australian performer Trent Baumann is a compulsively likable stage presence in this playful
one-man show about living to your full potential.
” -Vancouver Sun